About us

Grupo Instelma is a company specialized in the design, construction and comprehensive maintenance of businesses, with a professional trajectory of more than 35 years, and with geographic areas of operation both in the Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.

Our experience, combined with the broad geographic scope in which we operate, makes us a reference for the maintenance and expansion of franchises and chains.

The services we offer are essential for the proper implementation, development and growth of commercial networks, whether in the form of a franchise or through branches.

At Grupo Instelma, we take care of the search for premises in strategic areas; we create corporate image projects; we plan and manage the construction of the work, providing solutions to all aspects that affect the implementation and expansion of a brand.

Our success is due to the rigorous quality control of the entire process: from the choice of the appropriate location and the development of the project through our architecture and engineering department, to the construction with our own teams and the design of the interiors. All of this with the commitment to guarantee the surpassing of the construction quality standards and compliance with deadlines.